Why LTE Devices Are Essential for Event Communication 

When it comes to event communication, having a reliable and efficient system is crucial to ensure the safety and success of the event. Traditionally, event organisers have relied on two-way radios for communication. While radio is dependable, the technology is limited in terms of range and capacity. Radio setups are therefore an unsuitable solution for many large-scale events, or events that require communication across long distances.

In contrast, LTE devices offer greater functionality, along with the ability to provide communication at scale for events that cover a large area. Considering these features, should your events use LTE devices? Let’s explore why LTE technology is becoming an essential part of event communications.

The Benefits of LTE Devices for Event Communication

LTE event communication devices resemble two-way radios, offer instant communication and have push-to-talk capabilities that make them easy to use for new users and radio veterans alike.

LTE devices are rugged, lightweight and operate over carrier networks, so there’s no need to set up infrastructure to enable event communication. Using carrier networks also means that dispatch and event support can be provided remotely.

With the right setup, LTE devices can unlock the following benefits for your event:

  • More precise communication — through multimedia messaging and streaming, with the ability to communicate over text, video or audio.
  • Superior personnel tracking and emergency response — real-time geolocation tracking gives you a clear map of your event and where staff are stationed at any time. This bird’s-eye-view leads to efficient dispatching and helps you allocate the right amount of resources to deal with any emergencies.
  • Secure storage of event communications — all communication can be saved to the cloud. This enables organisers to review their communications, improve how they respond and prove due diligence in the event of an emergency.
  • Streamlined event management — LTE setups can be integrated with other event management tools, making it easier to manage communications and share information with stakeholders.
  • Nation-wide push-to-talk communication — by leveraging carrier networks, you can reliably communicate with anyone connected to your private network. This feature is key to managing large-scale events that cover long distances.


From geolocation tracking to capturing communications data, more and more organisers are realising the benefits of LTE-empowered communications, making LTE devices an essential part of their tech stack.

Adding LTE Devices to Your Events

Accessing these benefits doesn’t require replacing all radio communications with LTE devices. Many event organisers have adopted a hybrid approach that combines radio and LTE devices.