Upgrade Your Event Communications With WAVE PTX Hire

Between training staff and ensuring compatibility with your existing setup, adding new technology to your business can be challenging. While WAVE PTX is designed to be easy to use , working with a Motorola Solutions partner like Airsys will significantly reduce the difficulty of adding WAVE PTX to your events.

At Airsys, we enable businesses to hire or buy WAVE PTX technology through our WAVE Hire service. In this post, we’ll explain how WAVE Hire can help your business.

Choose WAVE Hire for Painless WAVE PTX Adoption

WAVE Hire can be used to access WAVE PTX push-to-talk devices, and the WAVE PTX mobile and dispatcher apps. In most cases, the WAVE Hire fleet can deliver solutions to your physical address or event space . Other benefits include:

  • Tailored service — WAVE PTX Hire is tailored to the unique requirements of your business, so only pay for exactly what you need. Our solution can be quickly and easily scaled up or down to meet the demands of each event.
  • Access to expertise and training — as leading Motorola Solutions partners, we can provide expert guidance on event communications setups to ensure technology compatibility. Our support extends to training on using WAVE PTX.
  • You can ‘try before you buy’ — still wondering if WAVE PTX is right for you? WAVE Hire lets you trial the equipment before you make a decision.
  • Equipment reliability is assured — we guarantee that the equipment you receive is of a high quality and in excellent working order.
  • WAVE Hire is cost-effective — predictable costs, competitive pricing, and the ability to implement event communications without expensive infrastructure and hardware make WAVE Hire a cost-effective solution.
  • Excellent service — known for our fast response times, we embrace a customer-centric and solutions-driven approach. We provide additional assistance ranging from guidance selecting to products to support solving technical issues.
Why Partner With Airsys

We believe in the power of WAVE PTX to improve the security and reliability of event communications. This belief, along with our close alignment with Motorola Solutions, led us to become the first company in the UK with its own WAVE PTX hire fleet.

We’re more than early adopters. At Airsys, we have 30 years of experience helping businesses of all types improve their communications. This includes having worked with many organisers to implement WAVE PTX for their events.

Get in touch to learn more about WAVE Hire and the value that Airsys can provide for your organisation.