How it works

What is WAVE PTX

A communications solution that caters for all your needs

Are you looking for a better way to keep your team connected?

WAVE PTX is a subscription-based group communication service that quickly and easily connects your team on broadband and the internet across different devices, networks, and locations. 

All our equipment is maintained to the highest levels, and we only provide our partners with equipment that we are proud to put our name on.

WAVE PTX hire benefits include

WAVE PTX hire is ready to go wherever and whenever your workers are.

No need to unlock devices, no need to worry about cracked screens, distracting applications, or texting.

It is available on the TLK100 or as a mobile application

Radio Used in Manufacturing Facility

TLK 100 with WAVE PTX

The TLK 100 with WAVE PTX combines the flexibility of push-to-talk communication via broadband with the reliability of a rugged, purpose-built device.

This ready to use, out the box solutions is built to last, and with its long battery life, you can communicate without limits