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Leading the way in instant communications

Our success has been built on our knowledge, capabilities, hard work and commitment.

At Airsys, we have been working with our partners in providing the latest communication solutions for over 30 years throughout the UK and Europe.

Through our partners, you have access to WAVE PTX, a ready-made
Broadband Push-to-Talk solution that connects your team at the push of a

Our expert partners, who have the necessary infrastructure and knowledge in providing WAVE PTX can deliver a reliable and consistent hire experience, no matter where you are located.

We have seen WAVE PTX Hire supplied to sporting events, hotels, exhibitions, to businesses of all sizes.

If you have any questions, want to discuss your requirements, or simply wish to utilise our hire fleet, an Airsys team member is available.

At Airsys, we are part of something big.

At Airsys we understand the importance of sustainability and have been working hard across all areas of our business to operate in ways that are more environmentally friendly. We aim with our sustainability program to promote good working practices, reduce waste and increase the reuse and recycling of materials.

We want to help our communities grow. The Airsys Community is more than just an investment; it is our opportunity to work in partnership within communities to develop and build on key relationships and projects. Together we will work towards developing and improving areas which are important to the team at Airsys. Watch out for more Airsys Community ventures.

Our values guide our business. They are the principles and priorities that remain constant in an ever-changing environment.

  • Warrior Spirit
  • People at our Heart
  • Make an Impact
  • Spot on Judgement
  • Organise for innovation
  • Fun Loving Attitude